Electrocatalysts & Additives for the Oxidization of Solid Fuels [ID 05011]



Hydrogen is expected to be the primary energy source in the 21st century for electricity generation, fuel, and other applications. It is an environmentally clean source of energy since it generates no pollutants. Fossil fuels and water are the major inputs for the manufacture of hydrogen. These inputs and their required processes, however, are highly energy intensive and not always environmentally friendly. Moreover, the fossil fuel (mainly petroleum) reserves of the world are depleting at an alarming rate. The electrolysis of water so far is the cleanest way to harvest hydrogen but the theoretical over-potential required to oxidize water is a discouraging -1.23 V. Coal, which is considered the cheapest source of energy available on Earth, can be a potential solution to confront the issues associated with the electrolysis of water.


Commercial Application

* Electrolysis of coal in acidic medium

* Production of hydrogen from coal slurries




* Generates hydrogen through electrolysis of coal, the most cost-efficient fossil fuel

* Treatment process to purify contaminated effluents in slurries

* Low-cost process that yields similar results as traditional hydrogen production processes


Issued Patents

CA 2,614,591

CN 200680024221.6

EP 1889317 - Germany, UK

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US 8,758,951


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