[14001] Compositions that Modify Biological Signaling


The molecular mechanisms of normal physiology and pathology involve a network of biologically active molecules that interact via intertwined signaling processes. To unravel these complex mechanisms, reagents are needed that modify signaling processes. We describe here the compositions of organic compounds that modify biological signaling. Among a variety of uses, such compounds (i) will find use in probing the molecular mechanisms of normal and abnormal cellular processes, (ii) will find use in probing the molecular mechanisms of normal physiology and pathology, (iii) can become therapeutics, either alone or with other drugs, for a host of animal and plant pathologies; (iv) can become reagents to engender normal physiology; (v) can be used as antimicrobials; (vi) can become a reagent used to aid in the processing of valuable products from biological sources; (vii) can become a component of a diagnostic and/or prognostic assay

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